Sailing from Fehmarn

Fehmarn – one of the most beautiful German Baltic Sea islands

You will be amazed how beautiful it is here! From the port of Burgtiefe it is only five minutes to the most beautiful sandy beach, Fehmarn offers pure Baltic Sea holidays, here your sailing holiday starts right in the port. We offer you a nice selection of well-kept, fast and cheap yachts

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Summer, sun, beach and much more – holidays on Fehmarn

At around 185 square kilometres, Fehmarn is the third largest German island and is part of the federal state of Schleswig-Holstein. The island is connected to the Wagrien peninsula by the famous Fehmarnsund Bridge and lies between Mecklenburg Bay and Kiel Bay in the Baltic Sea. The approximately 78-kilometre-long coastline offers guests impressive landscapes. While the northern side between Huk and Puttgarden boasts a fantastic dune landscape and inland lakes, visitors to the east coast will find a rocky cliff line. The most beautiful and whitest beaches await holidaymakers on the south coast. Here the soft sand falls flat into the sea and is therefore an ideal romping place for families with children. But Fehmarn has much more to offer its guests and it is no coincidence that it is one of the most popular holiday destinations on the Baltic Sea.
Beaches on Fehmarn – relaxation and action at the same time

Anyone travelling to Fehmarn will certainly have their own ideas. Some love the peace and quiet of shallow bays, others prefer the action on the beach. Neither group has to do without their individual preferences. White, seemingly endless natural beaches offer plenty of opportunities to relax or take part in exciting events. Those who like it quiet and don’t want to miss the view of the Baltic Sea should go to Gollendorf beach. There you are among your own kind and don’t have to fear any trouble. If you still want to be active in this enchanting place, you can take a beginners’ course in kite surfing and then enjoy a snack in Ellis Snackbar. Families and children will find plenty of opportunities to let off steam on the beach Gold. While the parents can surf undisturbed by the pleasant swell, the little ones are well looked after by the varied children’s entertainment. On more than 10 different beaches every guest can spend his holiday the way he wants to.

Attractive sights on Fehmarn – a must for every holidaymaker

For most guests, their holiday on Fehmarn begins directly on the island’s landmark – the impressive Fehmarnsund Bridge. Fehmarn is connected to the mainland via the 963 metre long combined railway and road bridge. As you cross the bridge, you immediately get the right holiday feeling – the gentle waves of the sound, on which numerous surfers put their skills to the test.

The five lighthouses scattered across the island are always worth a visit. If you are fit enough, you can climb the 162 steps of the highest lighthouse in Flügge – and be rewarded with a unique view over Fehmarn and the Baltic Sea.

The old town of Burg, the capital of the holiday island, is of course a must see. The cobblestone streets lead through the cozy and dreamy alleys to cosy cafés, bars and restaurants. With freshly caught fish, a freshly mixed drink or a tasty cappuccino you can watch the lively hustle and bustle in the streets and enjoy your stay. During a visit to the weekly market of the island metropolis, the guest will not only find fresh fruits and other delicacies but also typical accessories that remind of a unique holiday on Fehmarn. For those interested in culture, the Romanesque-Gothic St. Nicholas’ cherry from the 13th century, the old town hall and the Galileo Wissenswelt, an interactive museum, are definitely on the itinerary. However, the holidaymaker should not miss out on other unusual sights on the island:

Niobe Monument – commemorates the Reichsmarine’s sailing training ship which sank off Fehmarn in 1932
The crooked trees – a natural spectacle created by the strong west wind
Johannis Church in Petersdorf – built in the 13th century and at 64 metres the highest church tower on the island
Mill near Dänschendorf – one of the few remaining mills in Fehmarn that has been converted into a private home
Jimmy Hendrix memorial stone – in memory of one of the last open-air concerts given by the master of the electric guitar on Fehmarn
Wasservogel Reservoir Wallnau – Bird paradise with a great variety of species and a lot of educational information
Submarine Museum – with the legendary submarine U-11
Meereszentrum Fehmarn – discover mysterious underwater worlds
Krummsteert-Sulsdorfer Wiek nature reserve – habitat for a variety of animals and plants

Night Life on Fehmarn – extensive possibilities

After a day at the beach or a visit to the cultural hotspots, the nightlife should not be forgotten. You certainly won’t find an Ibiza atmosphere on Fehmarn, where things often get out of control. Instead, there are pretty locations where guests will certainly enjoy excellent entertainment. If you want to drink a real “Flens” and swing your dancing leg a little, the “Medley” is the place to be. Cool “Mucke” and lots of action are available at “Rappa Nui”. The club offers everything that party animals need – until dawn. If you’ve had a little too much to drink, the ideal way to start the day is with a fish sandwich on the beach. And every hangover disappears in the twinkling of an eye.

Sailing around Fehmarn

The geographical location and unique wind conditions are the guarantees for sailing enthusiasts who want to start a trip from Fehmarn. The island is a popular starting point for exploring the Danish South Seas, other countries bordering the Baltic Sea, the Mecklenburg Bay or the Schleswig-Holstein Bay on a sailing yacht. But the island is also a popular stopover for sailors. Each of the five harbours is well protected and can be reached without complications, so even beginners will have little difficulty entering. The marinas offer a lot of comfort, with the operators focusing on a high level of service. And those who simply want to enjoy an exciting competition will certainly be guests at the Baltic Cup, the regatta around Fehmarn.