Yachtcharter Baltic Sea – Questions and answers

Welcome to PCO. You would like to plan your sailing holiday with us and have some questions in advance? Have a look at our FAQ list – maybe your question is included, if not, just call us at 0431- 71 97 97 0 or write to us
an email to info@pc-ostsee.de, we will be happy to help you.

Frequently asked questions from our customers:

Which sailing license do I need?

The prerequisite for chartering a yacht with us is the SBF lake. The official sports boat driving licence entitles you to drive our yachts.

But: Because of the SBF-lake you have no sailing experience. If you do not have a BR or SKS licence or similar, you should briefly describe your personal experience with sailing yachts. (Own boat, years of experience etc.).

If you charter a yacht in Germany from another EU country, you do not need a German SBF-lake. The rule is: If you are entitled to operate a yacht in your home country, you are also allowed to do so in Germany. (Depending on the country, with or without a licence). The “right of residence” therefore applies here. However, this regulation must then be expressly agreed in the charter contract.

Do I need a radio certificate?

From the 2010 season onwards, the skipper of a yacht equipped with a radio set will need a radio certificate. An SRC or higher (LRC) is required for devices with DSC technology, for older radios the old radio certificate (limited valid VHF operating certificate)

How does a booking with PCO work?

When you book a yacht with us, we contact the owner immediately and reserve the yacht for you. The reservation is valid for 7 days.

Afterwards you will receive the charter contract and other documents (data sheet, insurance documents, directions, packing list, etc.) by post (in urgent cases also by email).

You then have one week to check the documents and, if you like, to return the signed contract.

You will then receive the contract back again with the signature of the owner.

With whom do I conclude the charter contract?

Basically the charter contract is concluded between you and the respective owner. PCO has an agency contract with the owner.

When are which payments due?

After you have received back the contract signed by the owner, the deposit (according to the contract) is due. 4 weeks before the start of the cruise the balance is due. For some yachts the deposit and the final cleaning fee must also be transferred before the start of the charter.

Are my payments secured?

The yacht charter is not a travel service. In travel law, the handover of a travel price insurance certificate would be obligatory. However, this is a rental (you rent an object, a boat, for a certain period of time.) The handing over of a security certificate is not obligatory for us, as we only rent out boats or broker boat rental contracts. We stand with our good name for the fact that your money arrives safely and that you receive a corresponding return service.

If you still wish to do so, you can additionally secure your payments: With the attached insurance documents you have the possibility to insure not only the travel cancellation insurance but also the insolvency of the contractual partner.

How are the yachts equipped?

Basically yachts chartered out in Germany have a “boat certificate”. This is checked and confirmed by an official body (Wasser-und Schifffahrtsamt/Germanischer Lloyd) that the yacht meets the safety requirements.

Naturally, up-to-date sea charts and manuals are on board.

In principle, all yachts are equipped so that you and your crew can set sail immediately. Please refer to the data sheets for the individual details.

What additional equipment is possible?

On many yachts, the following are possible at extra cost: dinghy, outboard motor and spinnaker or blister.

Who hands over and explains the yacht to me?

The yacht will be handed over to you either directly by the respective owner or by a representative. Many owners have their yachts in the care of service centres, where professional staff take care of the yachts.

Where can I put my car?

On site the owner or the owner’s agent will describe a good parking place.

What about the final cleaning?

For most yachts, the final cleaning fee is compulsory. The yachts are cleaned by professionals before and after your cruise. This makes sense so that you can be sure to get a really clean ship.

The ship cleaning includes at least:
a) Sweeping and wet cleaning of the floors
b) Vacuum all upholstery, wipe the contact surfaces
c) Wiping out all compartments, shelves and surfaces (cupboard walls, doors etc.)
d) Polishing cutlery and crockery
e) Cleaning the galley incl. cooker, sink and refrigerator
d) Disinfection of wet areas, especially WC.

A proper cleaning of the interior takes 4-5 hours. If you do your own final cleaning, you must obtain cleaning agents suitable for yachts yourself.

It is more pleasant if the cleaning is done by professionals. It is definitely worth the money. Ending a nice holiday with a final cleaning is certainly not desirable.

Please leave the ship, even if it is cleaned afterwards, but still in a clean condition: please take rubbish, empties, food leftovers etc. off the ship (“broom clean handover”). Good seamanship also includes cleaning the deck and replenishing water supplies.

How is the yacht insured?

All yachts are covered by liability and hull insurance. The deposit you pay usually corresponds to the excess in the event of a claim.

What additional insurances are there?

In principle, we will send you documents with the charter contract about possible additional insurances, such as travel (charter) cancellation, skipper’s liability and bail insurance. We always recommend taking out cancellation insurance, you never know what will happen.

If you have any questions on these topics, please contact the insurance company directly, they will be able to help you.

If you have taken out a deposit insurance policy, this does NOT release you from the obligation to pay the deposit.

If I have a problem on the way, who will help me?

The first point of contact is always the owner or his representative. Before the start of the cruise you will receive the respective telephone numbers during the cruise.

If absolutely nobody is available, you are of course welcome to call us. We will then try to reach the owner and solve the problem for you.

Is there a discount if I rent a yacht for more than one week?

If you charter for more than one week, you will usually receive a 5% discount on the second week, and 10% on the following weeks.

If you can plan your holiday well in advance, you will also receive an early booking discount with most owners (until 31.12.)

Who actually sets the charter prices?

The individual seasonal prices of the yachts and the seasonal periods are determined exclusively by the respective owners.

Is it possible to sail only for a weekend?

In principle yes, but a fixed booking is only possible at very short notice (5-10 days before the charter starts). You have the best chance if you call on Monday and want to sail from Friday…

Who can give me tips for planning my trip?

You are welcome to ask us if you need tips for planning your trip. We will be happy to advise you.

How do I get weather information?

There are several possibilities: radio. Weather receiver, if available, maritime radio, harbour master or SMS services (e.g. www.wetterwelt.de). If you should not be able to receive the current weather (lonely island…) you can also call our office in case of emergency….

What should I bring with me on the trip?

For each charter contract we provide you with a checklist of personal items that you should bring with you. Basically everything is on board, except: money, bed linen, clothing and food.

Can I take my pet or dog with me?

Pets and dogs can be taken on board in different ways depending on the owner. Often an increased final cleaning is required. Please ask us on which yachts it is possible to bring pets and under which conditions.

Which papers and documents should I take with me?

As on every trip: identity card or passport, driving licence, health insurance

For the yacht: sport boat licence sea, sailing licences, radio certificate (if available)

What are the border formalities on entry and exit?

For a long time now, it has been the case for entry into Schengen countries that no border crossing ports are required. It is sufficient to carry a valid identity card with you. There are also no restrictions under customs law as long as the available free quantities of certain goods are not exceeded. Please see here the possible free quantities in customs within the EC.